Lost in thoughts

These objects like inferiority, superiority transcends no matter how hard we try to see us as equals. The good things, the bad things, the…
flow of thoughts inspired from milieu

Lost in thoughts

Living an ecstasy is a dream for the unfulfilled. Fulfilment in itself is a longing. A longing desire to feel different from the moroseness and apathy of transience.

These objects like inferiority, superiority transcends no matter how hard we try to see us as equals.

The good things, the bad things, the lethargy, the energy, figment of imagination and reality seem so dispersed and intrepid.

I shall fathom these depths to see what lies at the bottom after all. Is it an abyss of hollowness or one with a bottom hard hitting as reality?

These thoughts erupting from nothingness to portray an obscure picture with brightness and color yet a little hazy. Hazy is our eyes or the picture?

Distant milestones, distinct obstacles. Maneuverings with tact and dismay of miscalculations. Excavation of barbarism to liking of guilt. Self and selfless distinguished by the disillusioned.

Everything is a lie. Propagating and accumulating endlessly over time to be believed as the truth. Shenanigans of the misfits to overwhelm the poltroon.

What if every fantasy turned out to be a reality, what if there were no such thing like dreams but a perpetual state of reality. 

An endless rat race to achieve nothing but to feel like a rat (philosophically speaking) at the end. The basic instinct of humans to feel important, unique, special and superior is the driving force behind their every action.
Satiate people who mean nothing to create a delusion of satisfaction.

Desire is the fuel for action. Lust for materials is insatiable. The cycle repeats generation to generation only to prove that nothing ever changed but manifested itself into it.

The niceties of the unexpected, the guilt of the self meandering with nightmares of past to plunge into a sea of dilemma and sorrow. 
Thou feared the devil inside thy.

Critique of self on aspects a many to mutilate one selves dreams. Change despised to change welcomed, nothing ever changed for change is a myth.

Obfuscated facts and theories. Confounded opinions and reminiscent bleak past.

Loneliness of thoughts, gregarious opinions. Mind control is a myth because nothing can control itself. What makes me think? What is lunacy? Aren’t we all lunatic in ways we perceive ourselves.

Equanimity of soul is a bliss that one can quell ignorance with. Rational or irrational both offer confusing answers.

Frustrations of past ruining the present and so are the worries of future. Why is it so difficult to thrive without them? All that could be done is now and yet we fray away from it.

It feels so surreal after all isn’t it? When the world conjures around us to find the meaning of life or knowing the unknown for its true existence.