Craft with free will

It feels so surreal after all isn’t it, when the world conjures around us. The meaning of existence or unknown remains a mystery for…

Craft with free will

It feels so surreal after all isn’t it, when the world conjures around us. The meaning of existence or the unknown remains a mystery, for unless sought with a true soul, remains unraveled. They say that the interplay of words catches the attention of the wandering eye. When it sounds more than just what it is.

Rhyming, rhythmic, alliterations and metaphors are the literary devices they use. Isn’t it just hard to write coherently with a steady train of thoughts? There shall be detours, poems encapsulated somewhere. Some quotes shall be uttered which seem original or a word or two in the air. Some may be obvious whereas some genius.

It is so unique indeed that we have this capability to be whatever we chose to be. Free will as a central problem of philosophy still enchants the mankind — with growing technological advents and socio-economic vicissitudes.

The question still persists “Has making life easier with the choices made in past, made it easier in its true actuality?” The answer to this seems to be a — ‘No’. It hasn’t. We have just been a prisoner of our creations all along. The captives of our identities. Getting out of it is possible only when we stop visualising this entire realm of negativity.

The perspective of this creation has to change. Every choice made has its share of merits and perils. The merits should make us stronger and keep us manifested — never pull ourselves down, come what may. Saying this with conviction is sometimes seen as gaudy with mindless optimism or even as an arrogant and pompous demeanour.

The movement (or purpose as one may see at least in general) is to be more freer. Freer than before, both in our minds as well as our actions. Money is a way of freedom. Allows us with the choice of every possibility that can be dreamt of in this society that we have built. The more valuable we are, the more prominence we gain and become irreplaceable (at least in near future).

Some charted ways of becoming free is to practice finesse in our craft. The craft shall never betray us. For betrayal is something beings are capable of. We are harnessing the craft, the skill to be our individual best, every time we deliver. Ensure due care, address qualms, gentle and tender we care — hone and caress to build a monogamous and infidel relationship with our craft.

Photo courtesy: Alex Jones in Waking Life by Richard Linklater